Smishing attempt

Today I received an SMS from phone no. +27796598574.
“Congratulation’s you have won (R350,000.00) from NOKIA YEARLY PROMOTION. YOUR REF NO.(UK22SA). PLEASE CONTACT ON 0218236501 FOR YOUR CLAIM N.Y.P 8am to 5pm.”
I was immediately suspicious, and when I googled “Nokia yearly promotion” a whole bunch of sites about confidence tricks were listed. Also, notice the bad grammar in the very first word. It was a smishing attempt. If I had phoned the phone number listed, I would have been asked to pay a “transfer fee”, and I wouldn’t have seen a cent of my “prize”.
Fighting phishing and smishing is very difficult for one major reason. It’s cheap to set up, and enough people fall for it, to make it worthwhile. I was able to spot the smish for what it was, and even I was tempted at first. R350,000 is a very nice sum.
Suppose a smisher sends out 1,000 SMSes at a cost of R1.00 apiece. Suppose that only 20 people (2%) fall for it, and suppose that each of them is duped into paying R150. Our smisher has turned a profit of R2,000. In reality, 2% is a low estimate, as is the R150. The smisher would almost certainly make a much larger sum.
If anyone from the South African Police happens to read this, please use the above information to trap the smisher. I’m in Gauteng, and the dialing code is for Cape Town.


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