Remembering the victims

Today I wore black.
I wore black in memory of Autistics who have been murdered simply for being autistic, and who have died as a result of quack “treatments” that their parents believed would turn them meurotypical. I wore it for George Hodgins, whose mother shot him and then turned the gun on herself on Tuesday the 13th March. I wore it for little Katie McCarron , murdered by her mother Karen. I wore it for 6 month old Rylan Rochester, whose mother Stephanie smothered him because she believed he was autistic. I wore it for Zain and Faryaal Akjhter. I wore it for Kristy Bamu, murdered for being a “witch”. I wore it for Tariq Nadama, who was chelated to “cure” him of Autism, and who died of heart failure as a result.
This should not be happening in 2012. Autistics shouldn’t have to worry about this today. Our Autism should not be used as an excuse or reason for murder. Why is it still occurring? There are two damaging narratives that dehumanise us.
The first one is the anti-vaccination narrative that insists in the face of evidence to the contrary that Autism is “Vaccine Damage”. Newsflash, jerkoffs: we’re not factory rejects or damaged goods. Your claims that we are make it easy for people to think that we’re less than human, and thus not worth as much.
The second one is the narrative of Autism as an unmitigated disaster. This leads to people thinking that Autistics don’t lead worthwhile lives. This is utter hogwash. With the proper supports, we can lead very happy, fulfilled lives. Here’s one example: Kathryn Bjornstad, who was one of the creators of Autistics Speaking Day, got married on the 25th February. I work as a Software Test Analyst and live independently. Rachel Cohen-Rottenburg is an author and mother. Matt Friedman and Adam Bailey are cartoonists.
We are not damaged goods, and our lives are not a load of unmitigated misery. I should not have to say this, but I do.


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I am a Software Test Analyst. Shortly before I turned 21 I was officially diagnosed, although I had long suspected I was autistic. Welcome to my blog
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