Brian Deer files anti-SLAPP motion in response to Wakefield’s lawsuit

I blogged earlier about Andrew Wakefield and his libel suit against Brian Deer. In my blogpost, I said that Wakefield was at risk of an anti-SLAPP action. Brian Deer has filed a response. As I expected, it’s an anti-SLAPP motion. If you wish to read it be warned, it is over 100 pages long.
As I mentioned, a SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit against Public Participation) is an unmeritorious lawsuit filed to silence a critic or critics. They force the defendant to incur the costs of hiring legal representation and responding to the suit. Anti-SLAPP legislation attempts to halt this by penalising individuals who file SLAPPs. In Texas, the legislation not only forces the plaintiff who filed a SLAPP to pay both Court Costs and the defendant’s legal fees, but over and above that forces the plaintiff to pay compensation to the defendant sufficient to deter further SLAPPs.
I personally believe that Wakefield had no intention of seeing the Court Case through to discovery. I’m convinced that he filed suit in Texas in the hopes that the Court would dismiss his suit as outside Texas jurisdiction. That would enable him to show his supporters that he was “fighting the good fight” (Ha!) and that there was a conspiracy against him. Deer’s response has suddenly changed the game for him.
This is going to end very badly for Wakefield.


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4 Responses to Brian Deer files anti-SLAPP motion in response to Wakefield’s lawsuit

  1. Angus Files says:

    Dream on Deer is under the Gun if he got it wrong…

  2. autismjungle says:

    “If he got it wrong.”
    And somehow I don’t think he did.

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