Funny Monday I’ve had

Some days, you wonder if you’re a character in a comedy film. That described my Monday quite well.
I’m currently on leave. I was only supposed to go on leave yesterday, but due to a mix up, I started on last week Thursday. I’d been invited (along with some other workers) to breakfast by EB, the Head of Department at my client site. The breakfast was scheduled for Monday. Note the word “was”.
Even though I’m on leave, I was not going to pass up a restaurant meal, so on Monday I went in to the client site. My Line Manager was very puzzled to see me there, so I told her about the breakfast. “The Breakfast is rescheduled. EB called in sick.”
Well, I decided, since I’m in, I may as well read my emails. I have a problem. My Inbox sometimes fills up and I then need to empty it. One of the emails was a warning to check that my access card won’t get cancelled. I’d had this problem on a previous client site. I’d go on leave for two weeks and when I came back, my access card would be locked and someone would have to be called to let me in.
The client site has several buildings grouped together. I’m in a side building, and the access card check is in the main building. I walked across to the main building and waited in the queue. But as I was waiting, everyone was ordered to evacuate the building.
I went downstairs and waited. It was just a drill. I asked to leave as I didn’t work in the main building, but was told I couldn’t. “If anyone sees you leaving, they might try to leave as well.” I had to wait. The drill took over an hour and then we could leave. Because I’d been expecting breakfast, I hadn’t eaten so I was starting to get really hungry. I had my card checked, found out it was in order, went shopping for fish for my fishtank, drove home, and had the most enjoyable bowl of cereal ever.
There was one good thing about the breakfast not happening on Monday. We would have just been sitting down to eat when the evacuation drill happened. That would have ruined things.

Oh well.


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