Going further down, and leaving the bad zone

There’s a cliche: Bad things come in threes. It’s not true, but this is the third post in a row where I’ve been having problems. Another stupid cliche is “things will get worse before they get better”. What I think it’s supposed to mean is that before a problem can be fixed, it first has to be acknowledged, which makes things seem worse temporarily. It’s also used as a humourous ajdunct to Murphy’s Law. Last week, I didn’t find it very funny when it happened. In fact, I came close to a meltdown.
Thursday was the day of our client’s end of year function and external contractors were invited. It was held at Zwartkops International Raceway. I couldn’t find it in my mapbook, so I turned to Google Maps for directions. After printing them out, I set off.
It turned out that Google Maps had not given me directions to Zwartkops, but instead to a Honda dealership in Centurion. After hearing my plight, one of the people there drew me a map. I then set off, only to find that one of the roads on the map was closed. I then tried to find a new route, only to get hopelessly lost several times. Eventually, I found the route and the racetrack.
Long story short: I drove over 100km, arrived over two hours late for the function, and was nearly turned away. I had good fun at the function though, so that was a positive.
Most irritating of all was when I found out the correct route. Zwartkops Raceway is on the R55. All I needed to do to reach Zwartkops was to get on to the Old Pretoria Road at Sandton, then just go straight, and I would have reached it with no trouble. Instead, Google Maps sent me on an unwanted adventure.
Friday delivered another smack. I bank with Standard Bank, and recently Standard Bank has decided to notify me by SMS whenever there is any activity on my accounts. On Friday I was notified that Matrix had deducted monies from my savings account.
This gets a little complicated. In 2005 I bought my first car, a VW Citi Chico, with help from my parents. They told me to get it insured, so I decided to go with Outsurance. Outsurance mandated that I had to fit a Matrix Tracking Unit to my car to stop hijackings, so I did. The contract with Matrix stipulated a minimum two year contract to cover the cost of the Unit. All fine and dandy. At the time, my current banking account was a Savings Account. I was initially sent invoices from Matrix, which stopped after the two years were up. After I moved into my own place in 2008, Standard Bank noticed that I was making a lot of transactions, and I was advised to open a Cheque Account and use that as my current account, which I did.
Because Matrix had stopped sending me invoices, I assumed that they had stopped billing me. And because my savings account was no longer my current account, Standard Bank stopped sending me monthly statements on it, so I didn’t realise that Matrix was deducting fees. In July 2010, my Citi Chico was written off in a crash, so for the past 17 months, I’ve been paying Matrix for something I didn’t need. In addition, I wondered if other transactions were going through my savings account (as it turns out, there were). This was very stressing, because money has been getting tighter for me lately and I suddenly felt considerably less financially secure than I had hitherto felt.
That evening, it all caught up with me. Normally, I wash my dishes and have a shower before going to bed. After dinner, I decided to have a lie down. I fully intended to have a nap, then get up and wash both dishes and self before going back to bed. That didn’t happen. When I woke up, it was twenty past seven on Saturday morning. I did feel much better though.
This week I sorted things out. I contacted Matrix and instructed them to stop debiting my account. I also moved the other debit orders across to my current account. I’ll be doing things like getting a Smart Shopper Card at Pick ‘n Pay to save money, and Brand Your Car has contacted me about two campaigns and I hope I’ll be chosen for one.
Things did get worse for me. However, because I now know about these problems, I can take action to rectify matters before they get out of hand, and now they will get better. I’m exiting the bad zone I was in before.

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