Night of Hunters at the Theatre of Marcellus

So like I said, a week ago I went to see Tori Amos at the Theatre of Marcellus at Emperor’s Palace. I wish I could show you some pictures, but cameras are banned for security reasons.
Before the show, there was a stand out selling Tori Amos CD’s and t-shirts. Programs were also available for R120. I bought a program but, because my birthday is coming up, no CD’s.
The show began at shortly after 3 o’ clock. Tori chose Yoav, a South African artist, as her support act. He was on for half an hour. His main instrument is a guitar, and he does some really amazing things with it. His set was six songs, and afterwards there was a half hour interval where he signed copies of his CD. I was quite impressed with his performance, and I can see why he was chosen as the support act for the tour.
I bought a soft drink during the interval (I’m not getting arrested for drunk driving), and then it was time. Tori Amos came on stage to a thunderous ovation. She began the show with “Little Earthquakes“. The audience enjoyed it.
Tori’s main instrument was a Bosendorfer piano. Behind her was a keyboard. At several points during the show, she straddled her seat and played the Bosendorfer with her left hand and the keyboard with her right. Not one wrong note. That’s how good she was.
The set was from “Little Earthquakes” (Crucify, Leather, China, Me and a gun), “The Beekeeper“, “Night of Hunters” and “Gold Dust” off “Scarlet’s Walk“. I’m a little disappointed that she didn’t play more songs from Scarlet’s Walk, but I still enjoyed the show.
Tori’s performance lasted an hour and a half. It was fantastic. I really enjoyed it, and I would happily pay the ticket price again.

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