Virus, antivirus software, antivaxx dishonesty and a death

Apologies for not blogging in over a month, but my computer caught a virus. My laptop was acting incredibly slowly and refusing to connect, so I took it in to Dial-a-Nerd. When the tech opened Task Manager, he found a process that shouldn’t have been on my machine, much less running. But it got worse. After he ran a full diagnostic he found that the virus had corrupted a bunch of segments on my hard drive, and that it would have to be replaced. Embarrassingly, I’m responsible. I had assumed that a firewall acted like an antivirus. Nope. A firewall aims to keep malware out, but it can still get in, and so you need an antivirus. Cost to me to learn this little lesson? One month without internet at home, and R1300 for a new hard drive and installation. So what else happened this past month? Last week Wednesday, I learnt of a new Facebook group: Vaccination Information Network South Africa. Vaccination Information Network is a misnomer. It’s an antivaxx organisation that spreads misinformation and disinformation about vaccines to spread Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt about their safety and efficacy. I was not taking this lying down, so I joined. On Wednesday and Thursday I commented, and even posted a link to a news story of a child who died of Pertussis (Whooping Cough). On Friday morning I went to the VINE SA page, only to find that my comments and post had all been removed, and that I was blocked from commenting. Antivaxxers are a dishonest lot. They claim to want discussion about vaccination but when I, along with somebody else, commented in support of vaccination, we were banhammered. Lastly, some more sad news. I mentioned in the previous paragraph that I had posted a news story about a child who died from Whooping Cough. I wish I could tell you that I had made that story up to antagonise the crowd a VINE SA, but I can’t.


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