It is written

Back again.
I was studying hard for my exam, and that’s why I haven’t blogged. It was hectic, but well worth it. Before the exam, everyone around me was saying “Oh, you’ll pass, you’ll get a distinction.” I wished that I was as confident as they were, but now that I’ve written it, I feel pretty certain that I passed, and fairly sure I got a distinction. I’ll only know if I’m right in a few weeks time though.
So what happened while I was offline? A lunar eclipse for one thing. I took a number of pictures of it. I was worried that my Linux wouldn’t recognise my camera, but to my relief and delight it did. For another, my sister’s birthday. She got a gift card from me to spend at Greenstone Shopping Center.
It’s always nice when someone listens to your suggestions. I’ve been banging on about a shop at Stoneridge named “The Food Lover’s Market”. Eventually, my Brother-in-Law decided to see what the fuss was about and went there for himself. As he told me “You have made a convert.” The shop appears to be affiliated to Fruit and Veg City. It is a great store for fresh ingredients for cooking, and even has a Sushi Bar and restaurant area.

It’s good to be back.

A picture of the eclipse

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