David Geier charged with practising Medicine without a license

I recently wrote about the suspension of Mark Geier’s medical license by Maryland State, and the attempt to remove his son David from the Maryland Commission on Autism. Mark Geier appealed to the Board to lift his suspension, without success. Now, charges of practicing Medicine without a license have been leveled at David Geier. According to the Baltimore Sun, despite having no medical qualifications whatsoever, David actually diagnosed at least one patient, at his father’s practice.

This is good news. The Geiers misdiagnosed autistic children as having precocious puberty, and used Lupron, a drug used to chemically castrate sex offenders as a therapy. The Baltimore Sun claims that autism experts say the treatment is based in “Junk Science”.
A full list of charges against David Geier can be found here at the Neurodiversity website. The case against him appears pretty open and shut.

Update: it appears that the governor of Maryland has fired David Geier from the Autism Commission. Will have more as this story progresses.

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