Kristen LaBrie convicted in death of her son

In Salem, a mother has been convicted of attempted murder, child endangerment and assault and battery. According to news reports, Kristen LaBrie witheld chemotherapy from her son Jeremy Fraser, who died of cancer in 2009 at age nine.

Jeremy Fraser was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2006. Oncologist Alison Friedmann, who treated Jeremy, testified that the cancer had gone into remisssion after aggressive treatment. He was sent home with a prescription for chemotherapy. His odds of survival were listed at 85 to 90 percent. But Kristen stopped giving him the chemotherapy. After his cancer returned, doctors discovered that Kristen had failed to fill at least five months of prescriptions. She was initially charged with child endangerment. The other charges were added later.

In her defence, LaBrie claimed that she stopped because the chemotherapy was making him sicker than the cancer, but could not explain why she filled some prescriptions and subjected him to some treatments but not others. For example, she had continued to take Jeremy to the hospital for chemotherapy sesions while not giving him his medicines. Also, Friedmann testified that Jeremy had been responding well to the medicine.

The reason I am blogging this is because Jeremy was autistic. Kristen LaBrie basically murdered her autistic son by witholding necessary medication from him so that he would die from his cancer. She faces up to 40 years in jail for what she did.


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