Thank Goodness for the Weekend

Friday was a hell of a day, and I don’t mean in a good way. It was bad hectic. Really, really bad hectic.

At the moment, I’m involved in testing a document processing system. There are two high level flows. I’m testing one flow, another tester is testing the other flow. The flow is dependent on the type of document. A document will only go to one flow or the other, not to both. In addition, some document types have to undergo a checking process.

This is where the fun began. I had been given requirements documents for the system. The documentation listed which document types went to which high level flow – except that it had it wrong for some document types. I asked around, and was given the correct document types for my flow. Then I discovered that in order to create some of the document types as test data, I first had to create a document from the opposite high level flow and get its system generated reference number, then use that to create the document I wanted (this part is not too bad). Finally, I discovered that the requirements documents had also got it wrong with regards to the document types that needed to undergo the checking process.

One way of putting how I felt is to say that at half-past nine, I could have done with a beer. Another way of putting it is to quote comic strip character Charlie Brown. To wit:


I’ve written 20 Test Cases to test the paths through the flow. I now have to go back and rewrite every single one. Thank goodness for the weekend.

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