Please go and sign this petition

I never thought I’d do it, but today I’m supporting a petition from the Age of Autism Website.

Last year, Bella Stagliano, one of Kim Stagliano’s daughters, was assaulted on the school bus by Jennifer Davila, who was the bus monitor. Davila’s mother, Evelyn Guzman, was the driver on the bus. When the videotapes from the bus school were reviewed, it was revealed that Guzman had been sending texts from her cellphone whilst driving the bus. In total, she sent over 1000 texts during a 4-week period whilst driving.

Guzman is appealing to Bridgeport Court to be sent to a “rehab” program that will prevent her from having a record. In response, Kim Stagliano has created a petition asking the judge not to let Guzman get away with just a slap on the wrist. I have signed the petition, and I ask you to please do the same.

Age of Autism is wedded to the discredited idea that vaccines cause autism. I despise what it stands for. However, on the issue of Evelyn Guzman, I totally agree with Kim Stagliano. Guzman can not be allowed to transport people after this.


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