Gym and working out

One of the ways I like to unwind after a hard day is with a glass of wine. Another is by going to gym. I have a Discovery Vitality Medical Aid. One of the benefits of Vitality is that the Account Holder gets a gym contract at Virgin Active for a reduced price. This is because regular gym goers are healthier and cost Discovery less. To maintain this benefit, the Account Holder has to go to gym several times each month.

I’ve been a gym goer for years now. Initially, I lifted weights. Then I started using the aerobics machines (Orbitraks, Rowing Machines). I followed this with swimming. I also started taking various exercise classes like Zumba, Express Abs and Aquaerobics.

What workouts suit me best? It varies, depending on my mood, and on other factors. I enjoyed Zumba, even though on many times I was the only male (apart from the instructor) in the class. Unfortunately the instructor left and I don’t like the new instructor’s style. I like Aquaerobics, but that starts at half past five and I’m not always able to get to the gym on time for the class. I’d like to try v-box, but that’s usually too late for my liking. Swimming lengths and using the aerobic machines can be very relaxing, but I’m not always in the mood. Lifting weights is good, but often the Weights Area is crowded.

One new workout has caught my attention. Recently the Virgin Active I use acquired kettlebells. If you haven’t seen them, they look like cannonballs with a handle on top.


Stock photo of a kettlebell.

The main difference between kettlebells and dumbbells is that kettlebells are swung, not raised and lowered. I’m currently looking at various kettlebell workouts.


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