A mixed week for me, a bad week for antivaxxers

Have you ever had a day when you sprayed your laundry with spot remover, loaded it into the Washing Machine, turned on the water and left it to run, only to realise, when the cycle was complete, that you’d forgotten to put in the washing up powder and fabric softener? I did.

On the upside I donated blood, saw “Black Swan“, and attended the baby shower for a cousin of mine. “Black Swan” has to be the weirdest film I have ever seen. Natalie Portman got an Oscar for her performance as a ballerina going off the deep end. I’m planning to see “The King’s Speech” soon. I’m a little disappointed that “How to train your dragon” lost to “Toy Story 3” for Best Animated Film, as I actually thought the former was the better of the two.

My week could hardly have been worse than that of the antivaccinationists, though. Earlier this month, Bill Gates appeared on CNN, and made some nasty, but accurate, remarks about antivaccinationists, calling then liars who put children in danger. In response, Mary Holland and Louise Kuo Habakus arranged a demonstration outside Microsoft’s New York Headquarters at the corner of 52nd and 6th Streets.

New York is a city of several million. It has a Subway system and thousands of privately owned taxicabs. A call for demonstrators had gone out over the internet. In addition, Microsoft has been nicknamed “The Evil Empire” and Micro$oft, and has faced several lawsuits from regulators in both the US and EU. It is not a well-liked company. The demonstration took place on February the 24th.

And the number of protesters who showed up was…



That’s correct. In a city of several million, where the company being picketed was Microsoft, only 18 people bothered to pitch. I’m still smirking. This marks another fall for the anti-vaxxers. A few years ago, the “Green our Vaccines” rally fronted by Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy had hundreds, if not thousands, of attendees. A few days ago, not even 25 people rocked up to picket Microsoft. This is a good thing. For years, anti-vaxxers were given an easy ride by the media and the general public. Today, they are becoming a laughingstock. Even Garry Trudeau, the creator of Doonesbury, is having a go at McCarthy. Once again, the anti-vaxxers are being seen for what they really are: a bunch of narrow-minded fools whose actions are endangering public health.

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2 Responses to A mixed week for me, a bad week for antivaxxers

  1. Fred says:

    Jenny McCarthy has made a lot of money off her son’s autism diagnosis. And some people in autism community fell prey to the misrepresentation by her media attention. They became “starstruck” and lulled by her influence, without thinking about the ramifications of misrepresenting autism. Her son is said to have Landau Kleffner Syndrome, not autism. She has never proven this to be untrue. In fact her son improved immensely after being on seizure medications so it’s consisent with diagnosis of LKS.

  2. autismjungle says:

    I’ve heard about Evan having Landau-Kleffner. Frankly, I’m surprised people took McCarthy seriously then. She once thought she and her son were “Indigos”. That little episode made her look very gullible.

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