Repost – MMR and Autism: Robert Fletcher

(This was originally posted at on 3 September, 2010)

This week, a man in Britain named Robert Fletcher won a settlement from the UK’s Vaccine Damage Payment Unit. Two members of a three-member panel concluded that the MMR vaccine he was given as a child eighteen years ago had caused his epilepsy. You may ask what this has to do with autism, and the answer is nothing. Yet, some anti-vaccine organisations are trumpeting this as proof that  MMR causes autism.

As I have mentioned on several previous posts, there is no proof that MMR causes autism, and this ruling does not prove otherwise. Robert has epilepsy, not autism. In addition, the third, dissenting member of the panel strongly disagreed with the ruling.

Sorry to go on like a stuck record dear readers, but the “link” between MMR and autism has been utterly discredited. If you see a claim that Robert Fletcher’s case proves the link, it’s a load of Horse Elbows.


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