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A while back Verashni Pillay, a journalist at the Mail and Guardian newspaper, wrote a very amusing article about Indian South Africans who make her embarrassed to be an Indian South African. Even though autistic people are rather difficult to embarrass, I have learnt of an autistic who makes me embarrassed to be autistic: Jake Crosby, a student with Asperger’s Syndrome at Brandeis University, and a blogger for the despicable Age of Autism website.

Despite its name, Age of Autism is an anti-vaccination website. Moreover, it bitterly attacks anyone who opposes its inaccurate belief that vaccines (particularly the MMR vaccine) are a cause of autism. Crosby, I am ashamed to admit, fits right in.

In June, Crosby “revealed” that cancer oncologist Dr. David Gorski was the real identity of the blogger Orac. As Orac, Gorski was (and is) an ardent opponent of anti-vaccination hogwash and of autism cure quackery. Age of Autism then began an email campaign to get Gorski fired from the university where he works. Not only did it fail, but sceptic websites began a support campaign for Gorski.

Not chastened by his earlier failure, Crosby now claims that Brian Deer, the journalist who was instrumental in exposing Wakefield as a fraud and liar, suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). His evidence for the diagnosis? Brian Deer has a page on his website with pictures of Brian Deer on it.

Yes, you read that correctly. The fact that Brian Deer has pictures of himself on his website is “proof” that he suffers from NPD (Headdesk, headdesk, headdesk). By that standard, anyone with pictures of him/herself on Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, or any website or blog owner who puts up a profile picture is a de facto narcissist. I certainly qualify.

Two words Jake:

Epic Fail

We autistics are supposed to be logical and systematic in their thinking. Crosby certainly isn’t behaving like that.


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