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(This was originally posted at on 3 August, 2010)

Sorry for not blogging sooner, but I had a lot on my hands.

I had to go to an ENT specialist to have my nose checked out. He found that some of the bones in my nose were broken and scheduled me for surgery. On Wednesday 28 July, I went in.

It was an interesting experience. I couldn’t eat anything after 10pm the night before and had to arrive at half past six by the latest. Irritatingly, my surgery only took place in the afternoon. Why so early?

Eventually, my time came. I remember the anaesthetist putting a shunt in my arm and injecting an anaesthetic but I don’t remember losing consciousness or coming to. When I did come to, I was hot, thirsty and nauseous, and my nose felt very tender. The nurse brought me ice to suck. If I’d been given water, I’d probably have been sick. In fact, a few hours later, I was sick. In addition, the anaesthetic made it very difficult for me to relieve myself. That’s one side effect they don’t often tell you about.

I was released the next day with a bunch of medications and spent the next few days recuperating. My employer sent me a very nice gift basket as a get well soon present. Thanks!

On Monday I phoned the dealership and was told that the salesman who had dealt with me was off, but my car would be ready. In the afternoon I went through, signed the papers and drove off in my new car. My old car was a 1.4 Citi Golf. My new one is a 1.4i Polo with aircon, ABS, airbags, power steering and central locking. The Polo’s handling is different and the gearing means I have to go 80 before choosing fifth.

Today I was back at work with a still tender nose and an eagerness to get started. Everyone asked me how I was and was relieved to know I was fine.

Anyway, that’s why I hadn’t posted in over a week. Things are slowly getting back to normal.



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