Repost – Left Brain Right Brain is on Facebook

(This was originally posted at on 24 August, 2010.)

When I first heard of Andrew Wakefield in January of this year I was curious and wanted to learn more. To that end I went on to Google and Googled his name. A large number of websites came up, including Age of Autism and Left Brain Right Brain. As I read more and more, it became clear that Age of Autism and the other websites that supported Wakefield were not just wrong but cranks, and that the sites opposing Wakefield were sound. The first website I regarded as credible was Left Brain Right Brain.

Left Brain Right Brain is now on Facebook. If you are interested in autism or know someone who is autistic please go and check it out if you haven’t done so already, and if you are on Facebook please go to the page.


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I am a Software Test Analyst. Shortly before I turned 21 I was officially diagnosed, although I had long suspected I was autistic. Welcome to my blog
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