Repost – For your amusement: Anti-Vaccination Bingo

(This was originally posted at on 15 August, 2010.)

And now for some fun.

Have you ever played Bullshit Bingo? Do you like it? Well, I found a link to an Anti-Vaccination Bingo game.

The link opens a 5 by 5 board with 24 squares filled with Anti-Vaccination “talking points” and the square in the middle as a wildcard. Rules are as follows: If you are unlucky enough to get into a discussion with an anti-vaccer get out your board. Every time said anti-vaccer makes a claim corresponding to one of the squares cross that square out. As soon as you get a row of 5 crossed out squares, whether horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, shout out or type out “BULLSHIT!”

After the month I’ve had, I really needed a laugh. This hit the spot.


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