The third (and final) BMJ series on Wakefield

The third part of the BMJ series of articles on the fraud perpetrated by Andrew Wakefield is now out. In it, Brian Deer tells what happened when he took his evidence of Wakefield’s misconduct to Richard Horton, the Lancet editor who accepted Wakefield’s paper for publication. Go and read it. It makes for quite disappointing reading that Horton, instead of properly investigating Deer’s claims, basically let Wakefield, Simon Murch and John Walker-Smith investigate the claims against them.

In a hilarious response to the second part of the BMJ expose, Wakefield whined:

“Since the Lancet study, I have lost my job, my career, and my country.”

Huh??! Ex-CUSE ME?!! Lost your country?!! Stop being such a drama queen Wakers. You are still a UK citizen unless you turned in your citizenship, and in a democracy it’s next to impossible for anyone to be stripped of his or her citizenship.

Some more good news is that Wakefield’s erasure from the Medical Register was completed today. Wakefield had a limited time to apply to the High Court to have his striking off overturned. That time has now passed. Wakefield is off the Medical Register for good.


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