Repost – Little victories

(This was originally posted at on 26 July, 2010)

The last few days have been days of little victories.

On Friday, I bought a beef roast. I realized it was too large for me to eat on my own, so I invited my parents over for lunch. Talk about biting off almost more than you can chew. On Saturday and Sunday I bought soup, lettuce, a salad kit, roasting veg, wine, toffee pudding and a tin of condensed milk. I mop my floors on a Sunday, but it takes hours for the floor to dry, so I mopped the floor before going to 7.30 mass at church. It was dry by the time I got back.

My parents arrived to a starter of soup with a roll, a main course of roast beef with mustard and horseradish with roasted veg and salad on the side, and a dessert of sticky toffee pudding topped with evaporated milk. I hosted a successful Sunday lunch. Little Victory #1.

On Saturday, my father took me to see a car I was interested in buying. I put in a firm offer. Today I received confirmation that one of the banks will finance the vehicle and that I am able to purchase it. Little Victory #2.

Today at work there was a new code release and we were able to start testing. I ran a Test Case, found a defect and loaded a Component onto the QC Business Component module. A very good day at work. Little Victory #3.

Today I also managed to sort out a lot of little things that were on my plate. Little Victory #4.

The last few days have been hectic and stressful. The little victories have made it all worthwhile.




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