Repost: Some anti-vaxx nonsense

This was originally posted on on June 2, 2010.

I said in my first post that one topic I would write on is the anti-vaccination nonsense masquerading as Autism Advocacy. Well, the time to write is now.
The following is a comment from a commentator on the Age of Autism Website:
“As a family member of an autistic child, and a nurse, I understand the feelings of helplessness parents feel, in trying to educate physicians, who too often dismiss the MMR vaccination theory–and the brain/gut connection issue. Not that they have any answers–just that they’re sure Dr Wakefield is wrong.
It makes sense to me that if a child has an immune system sensitivity, he or she may be overwhelmed by the injection of THREE different attenuated germs, simultaneously. Unable to detoxify this, the germs enter a bloodstream, and circulate into a developing brain.
MMR is not unacceptable for any other reason, than it is an overwhelming attack on a child’s body..and should be ON a 3 separate vaccination schedule”
Wow, what a load of Horse elbows.
Firstly, ‘Educate physicians’? I have a BSc and I’m not nearly as educated as most medical personnel, many of whom have degrees that are Masters or better. Did it not occur to the poster that such patronising behaviour may be insulting to doctors and may lead them to ignore you/dismiss you as a pompous know-nothing?
As for the fact that doctors don’t have any answers, just that Andrew Wakefield is wrong, consider that we don’t know how Stonehenge was built. It doesn’t mean that it was built by UFO’s. Similarly, the fact that we don’t yet know what causes autism doesn’t make Wakefield right.
And “ if a child has an immune system sensitivity, he or she may be overwhelmed by the injection of THREE different attenuated germs, simultaneously”, we are hit by so many antigens every time we eat food or even take a breath, the “Overwhelmed” theory just doesn’t cut it. If we autistics were really that sensitive, we’d be nailed the moment we came out the womb.
There is no good reason to space out the vaccine schedule and very good reason not to. In the past few years, MMR uptake fell because of Wakefield’s lies. Children have started dying of Measles again. Rubella can induce miscarriages. In addition, death is not the only possible negative outcome. Blindness, Brain injury and mental retardation have also occurred. If your child is due for MMR, have the jab.

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  1. Laura says:

    Well said. It never ceases to amaze me that these people can spot a conspiracy or conflict of interest from miles away, but will stand up and defend a man who, with an undisclosed conflict of interest, subjected innocent children to unnecessary invasive procedures including SPINAL TAPS.

    It’s unconscionable.

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