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This was originally posted at on June 18th, 2010.

My remarks may seem a bit vague. This is deliberate. I am required to respect client confidentiality at all times.

I had an interesting meeting at work today.

Yesterday I attended a meeting at the client site where I’m based. It was about the Test Management Tool Quality Center Version 10.0. I and another Test Analyst in the meeting raised a number of questions partly related to Test Automation so the Project Manager asked us to a meeting today to discuss things.

Anyone who has used QC or its predecessor TestDirector will know that it has various modules in it. These were Requirements, Test Plan, Test Lab and Defects. In Version 10, some other modules have been added. One of these is Business Components.

Our Project Manager wanted to know what we thought the various levels of abstraction should be, particularly in regards to automation. I first thought that a further level below Business Components would be needed. Then I realised that I had misunderstood.

Many systems I have tested require some sort of Login. Usually, these are mostly the same. Put in a user ID and a password, then click a button. But when I log on to internet banking, I have to also enter a PIN. Suppose that a User can be both a Manager and an ordinary user. And suppose that the User Login on a system has to change to include a User Role Drop-Down. If I had the Login at the Test Plan level, I would have to go to each Test Case in turn to change it. If I had it at the Business Component Level I could change it there once and every Test Case would be updated. Conversely, if the Task Flow changed, I should change it at the Test Case level. There was no need for a level below.

All in all, very interesting.



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